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Seafaring superstars: Six women shining on our national science ship

Meet the talented women on board our national marine research vessel (RV) Investigator.

RV Investigator travels from the tropical north to Antarctica's ice-edge, and on each voyage you'll find female scientists, technical staff and ship crew all seeking to help answer big questions.

Whether they're studying ancient microbes or ensuring the well-being of people on board, one thing's for sure: they're all smart, adventurous, competent, courageous and hard-working.

[Image appears of the Investigator ship on the ocean and text appears: Meet the remarkable women aboard CSIRO’s research vessel, Investigator]

[Image appears of a female looking at a ship diagram on a table]

Toni Moate: I was hoping that I might be someone’s secretary.

[Image changes to show Tara Martin looking out over the ocean]

Tara Martin: I was going to be an interior designer.

[Image changes to show a profile view of Madeleine Habib]

Madeleine Habib: And everybody just assumed that I was the cook.

[Images changes to show Tegan Sime in the bridge of a ship and the camera zooms in on Tegan and then the image changes to show Tegan walking around on the ship]

Tegan Sime: I feel like I’ve never followed the same path as everybody else.

[Images move through to show Sheri Newman walking around on the ship and then smiling at the camera from the deck of the ship]

Sheri Newman: I knew I wanted to be a surgeon. Also wanted a life of adventure.

[Images move through of Martina Doblin looking out from the deck of the ship, a sunset over the ocean, Martina preparing the rosette sampler, and then the sampler being deployed into the ocean]

Martina Doblin: As I gazed out into the ocean I thought “Wow, I could explore this place” and now that’s what I do in my job.

[Images move through to show Toni Moate at the ceremony of the Investigator’s launch and then Toni talking to the camera and text appears: Toni Moate, Director Marine National Facility]

Toni Moate: It’s always incredible to me that I ended up building a research ship.

[Images move through of Tara working on a computer, the screen she is working on, Tara and her colleagues in conversation and then Tara talking to the camera and text appears: Tara Martin, Marine Geophysicist]

Tara Martin: Jumping straight into a geophysics degree without having done maths and physics in high school was a bit of learning curve.

[Image changes to show a profile view of Tara looking out over a harbour]

I didn’t actually know what physics was.

[Images move through of colleagues on the ship, the RV Investigator moving through the ocean, Tegan Sime working on the deck of the ship and then Tegan talking to the camera and text appears: Tegan Sime, Operations Officer]

Tegan Sime: I’ve always been drawn to roles that have been in more extreme environments.

[Image changes to show a profile of Tegan looking out over the ocean]

There’s adventure, there’s excitement.

[Image changes to show a rear and then profile view of Madeleine Habib on the deck of a ship and text appears: Madeleine Habib, Ship’s Captain]

Madeleine Habib: I wanted to be taken seriously in the maritime industry.

[Image changes to show Madeleine smiling at the camera and then images move through of Martina Doblin working in a lab, looking at liquid moving through pipes and microbes on microscope slides]

Martina Doblin: My research involves looking at tiny microscopic organisms called microbes.

[Image changes to show Martina talking to the camera and then images move through of Martina laughing and then Martina smiling at the camera and text appears: Martina Doblin, Biological Oceanographer]

If there were no microbes on the planet there’d be no people.

[Images move through of Sheri Newman in a consultation room opening a drawer stocked with medical supplies, and making up a hospital bed]

Sheri Newman: Being the doctor on the Investigator you have to be the dentist, the physiotherapist, the mental health counsellor.

[Image changes to show Sheri talking to the camera and then the image changes to show a profile view of Sheri and text appears: Sheri Newman, Ship’s Doctor]

It’s a huge responsibility and of course one that I relish.

[Image changes to show Madeleine on the bridge smiling at the camera and then the camera zooms in on Madeleine’s face as she steers the ship]

Madeleine Habib: To be the captain of a ship leaving from my home port felt like a really special moment.

[Image changes to show Madeleine talking to the camera]

Believe in your own potential.

[Image changes to show a facing view of the RV Investigator in the water and the camera zooms up and over the ship]

Martina Doblin: There’s so much more to discover.

[Music plays and text appears: Find out more about these remarkable women at blog.csiro.au]

[CSIRO logo and text appears: CSIRO, Australia’s innovation catalyst]