International Nutrient Inter-comparison Voyage (INIV)

Ensuring best practice in global ocean nutrient analysis.
Voyage No


05 Jun, 2023


18 Jun, 2023




Chief Scientist

Andreas Marouchos



Voyage summary 

Research voyage to the Southern Ocean to conduct a project to ensure global seagoing laboratories are using uniform, best-practice approaches to study ocean nutrients.

Dissolved inorganic nutrients in seawater are vital to the growth of phytoplankton, the foundation of the oceanic food web, and are considered as one of the essential variables that determines ocean productivity and fertility. This voyage, called the International Nutrient Inter-Comparison Voyage (INIV), aims to minimise differences and enhance comparability of nutrients datasets between global laboratories through in-depth investigation of the knowledge, methodologies, techniques, and instrumentation used in each laboratory.

The outcomes from this voyage will contribute to standardising a global best practice approach in oceanic nutrient analysis. Further, the dataset collected on this voyage will be unique as voyages to the Southern Ocean are rare during winter due to the extreme ocean conditions at this time of year.

There are no other projects on this voyage.

This voyage has 33 science participants from 14 global institutions (and 20 crew from ASP Ship Management) and involves 12 countries: Japan, China, South Korea, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Netherlands, France and Australia.

For further voyage information, visit the INIV website

COVID Protocols

To safeguard the health and well-being of participants, strict COVID protocols apply to all activities on this voyage. This includes 2-phase PCR testing of all participants for COVID prior to boarding the vessel.

Voyage outcomes

A summary of voyage outcomes will be published approximately 3-6 months after the completion of the voyage.