Hydrographic survey of Bass Strait

Improving seafloor mapping and safe navigation for vessels in Bass Strait.
Voyage No


04 May, 2017


15 May, 2017




Chief Scientist

LCDR Richard Cullen


Australian Hydrographic Office

Voyage summary

Charter voyage to undertake a bathymetric (seafloor) survey in Bass Strait in vicinity of Hogan Island Group.

During the voyage. various meteorological and oceanographic data will be collected to contribute to current modelling systems. Additionally, this information will benefit the management of the Commonwealth Marine Reserve at Hogan Island.

This survey aims to map the area to a modern standard to improve confidence for shipping and subsurface navigation in Bass Strait.

Voyage impact

As a result of this voyage, an area of 14 by 10 nautical miles was surveyed to improve navigational safety between Wilson's Promontory and the Hogan Group. This knowledge will facilitate safe navigation for international and coastal shipping.

Equipment capability testing has led to a better understanding with respect to types of data collection and limitations of system conflicts.

Of note, a historic shipwreck was found during the voyage and surveyed using a drop camera to gather up close imagery. The vessel was later identified as Carlisle, coal transport vessel which sank in 1890 while on route from Melbourne to Newcastle.