Recreation areas

It's important to balance work and rest during a voyage, and RV Investigator has a range of recreation areas that offer people the opportunity to exercise, relax and recharge following a busy day at sea.


The vessel has a small gym located on the 1st Platform Level. It is equipped with exercise bikes, treadmill, rowing machine, cross trainer and fitness gym system.


There are three public lounges for people to relax and talk, watch a video or read a book. These can also be used for briefings or the obligatory voyage table tennis competitions! When in range, local TV stations are also available.


The mess is accessible 24 hours a day and, between meal times, has tea, coffee, soft drinks and snacks available.

Outdoor areas

In good weather and sea conditions, sitting outside in a safe area and enjoying the fresh air is also popular.

One of the lounges aboard RV Investigator.