Container facilities and laboratories

The Marine National Facility has specialised container laboratories available for use, with space on board RV Investigator for 13 containers.

Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) container

A specialised storage container for the safe storage of toxic, corrosive and flammable chemicals. Chemicals that can be stored include acids (for example sulphuric acid and hydrochloric acid), formaldehyde, formalin, ethanol and acetone.

Radiation laboratory (RADVAN) container

A specialised container for scientific research involving low level radioisotopes.

Trace Metal Clean (TM1 and TM2) containers

A series of specialised containers for conducting trace metal clean work. They can be used for chemical and biological oceanography, atmospheric science and geosciences.

Trace Metal Clean rosette storage container

Specialised clean container for the storage of the trace metal CTD rosette and in-situ pumps.

Coring container

A specially designed storage container for seafloor coring equipment used on board.

Container facility area on Investigator

RV Investigator has capacity for 13 storage containers.