Come on board with MNF 2030

The Marine National Facility has just released MNF 2030, a milestone strategy to guide access and use of Australia’s dedicated marine research capability for the next 10 years.

MNF 2030 seeks to build on the significant achievements of the Marine National Facility (MNF) since it was formed in 1984 and ensure that access to MNF resources is broad and equitable, and that the research we enable aligns with Australia’s national research priorities.

Cover page of a document called 'MNF 2030' showing a photo of a ship from above.

Download the strategy: MNF 2030 Strategy

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In short, MNF 2030 will help us to deliver the greatest benefit to the research community and the greatest impact for the nation.

For our research partners, MNF 2030 introduces wide ranging improvements in how they can access sea time on Research Vessel (RV) Investigator, including streamlining of the application process. The strategy will guide the MNF in enhancing Australia’s excellence in marine and atmospheric research by: 

  • Encouraging policy-driven research to stimulate and support high impact projects 
  • Diversifying access to sea-time to reflect the breadth of needs of our users 
  • Introducing a flexible scheduling approach and streamlined digital tools for operational efficiency 
  • Implementing a 25-year Capability Investment Framework to guide strategic development of our research capabilities
  • Enhancing our education and training programs in collaboration with stakeholders and industry
  • Increasing our focus on raising awareness about how the research we deliver benefits Australians and the world.

The development of MNF 2030 follows an independent review of the previous MNF access framework that involved wide consultation with our stakeholders, including government, industry and the research community.

The MNF would like to acknowledge and thank all who contributed to the review and the development of MNF 2030, including the MNF Steering Committee who provided important advice and input into both processes.

An ocean of opportunity

The MNF will be holding a series of webinars to raise awareness of the new strategy, what's changing in our processes and approach, and to highlight the opportunities MNF 2030 brings the marine research community.

The webinars will be held on Tuesday 24 and Wednesday 25 November 2020 and each will include the following topics:

  • overview of MNF 2030
  • outline of new streams of access and their benefits
  • improvements to the process for applying for sea time
  • details of the upcoming application call.

Following each presentation, there will be an opportunity for Q&A with MNF staff.

Visit CSIRO Events to register for a webinar.

Further information

For more information about MNF 2030 or to download a copy of the strategy, please visit MNF 2030 Strategy

We encourage you to help reduce waste and download an electronic copy of MNF 2030. However, should your institution or group require a hard copy of MNF 2030, please contact (available for Australian postal addresses only).

The Marine National Facility is funded by the Australian Government, and owned and operated by CSIRO on behalf of the nation.