MNF Data

We provide access to over 35 years of marine data collected via Marine National Facility infrastructure since 1985.

The Marine National Facility (MNF) aims to make all research voyage data – including standard MNF data sets and project science data – publicly discoverable and accessible. Voyage data is collected using both underway and specific sampling systems.

Useful references

Acknowledging the MNF

MNF Data and Sample Management Policy

Near Realtime Underway Data (NRUD)

NRUD is an interactive geospatial platform for viewing the ship position and underway data collected by the MNF. It contains a subset of the raw sensor data collected by RV Investigator in near-real time.

Near Realtime Underway Data


Marlin is the central, searchable repository for descriptions of scientific data sets (metadata). Content is created by those responsible for curation of the data.

Marlin metadata system

CSIRO Data Trawler

Data Trawler is a discovery and extraction tool for CSIRO data on MNF voyages since 1985.  Data can be extracted using spatial, temporal or data type queries. MNF Data types available currently include Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP), Conductivity Temperature Depth (CTD), Hydrology, Underway and Expendable Bathythermograph (XBT) and biological (catch).

Data Trawler

CAAB - Codes for Australian Aquatic Biota

CAAB encodes taxonomic identifiers for Australian marine organisms. Past MNF voyages contribute many new species and coverage information to the 44,000 entries in the master species database.

Codes for Australian Aquatic Biota

Australian Oceanographic Data Network (AODN)

The AODN Portal is a single access point to all available Australian marine and climate science data from AODN contributors around Australia, including CSIRO. The portal includes a catalogue of metadata and incorporates a map interface that can be used to visualise datasets.

AODN portal

CSIRO Data Access Portal (DAP)

The DAP contains MNF raw voyage data and can host data sets processed by MNF technicians, voyage participants, and partners or service providers.

Data Access Portal

Geophysical Survey and Mapping (GSM)

CSIRO manages a multibeam data repository which contains data collected on MNF voyages. Curated by the GSM team, it allows users to search by survey, region, depth and instrument.

Geophysical Survey and Mapping