User Funded Voyages

Proposals for User Funded Voyages are open year round to Australian research organisations and their international collaborators, as well as charters.

 The MNF considers applications for User Funded Voyages to fall into one of the two following categories:

  1. Research organisations and their collaborators who charter the MNF research vessel to complete the ship-based components of their research; or
  2. Charters involving commercial charge arrangements, subject to competitive neutrality policy.

Investigator’s Granted Voyage schedule is generally available 12 months in advance of the commencement of the schedule. Applicants are encouraged to apply for user-funded voyages ahead of the MNF GV scheduling process in order to maximise their success in being integrated into Investigator’s research schedule.

Further information


With a fixed budget for the Granted Voyage schedule, the MNF is unable to fund additional days at sea and must at least recover the incremental operating costs for the vessel. Commercial rates will apply to proposals deemed subject to competitive neutrality policy.