Supplementary applications

Supplementary applications are advertised each year to utilise available capacity on scheduled voyages.

Application process

Applications are invited each year for research, student training or equipment testing on board RV Investigator to take advantage of available capacity during scheduled research and transit voyages. Applications for the 2021-22 voyage schedule are now closed.

Assessment criteria

Supplementary applications are assessed by the Supplementary Scheduling Committee and ranked against assessment criteria.

The criteria include:

  • Project scientific and technical excellence, national benefit, and the record of the project team.
  • Logistical integration with the Primary voyage and transit schedule.
  • Training and educational opportunities.

Once approved by the MNF Steering Committee, successful Supplementary applicants are offered berths in the MNF Granted Voyage program and an MNF Granted Voyage Agreement [pdf · 2mb].

How to apply

Voyage opportunities

Information about which voyages are available to host supplementary projects will be advised when the call for applications is opened. 

Application documents

Submitting your application

All applications must be submitted electronically as Microsoft Word documents and be received the due date. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Further information