Piggyback projects

Piggyback projects on existing voyages can be added to scheduled voyages with the support of the Chief Scientist and approval from the MNF.

Opportunities on existing voyages

Once successful Primary applications and Supplementary applications have been confirmed as part of the voyage schedule, there may be remaining opportunities for scientists to participate on an existing voyage under a Piggyback arrangement. These include data collection from underway instruments, or requests to carry out a limited sampling program or to deploy a piece of equipment.

Application process

How to apply

Please refer to the voyage schedule to view upcoming voyages.

To check availability for piggyback opportunities on a particular voyage, please contact Matt Kimber, MNF Science Operations Manager via phone (03) 6232 5186 or email.

Those considering applying for potential Piggyback projects should email a completed Supplementary Application form to mnfgpo@csiro.au


A Piggyback project requires the support of the Chief Scientist to be integrated into the existing science program on a voyage before it can be considered by the MNF. Piggyback proejects are at the discretion of both the Chief Scientist and the MNF and by nature do not require dedicated ship time or resources.

The Chief Scientist for the voyage needs to seek approval for any Piggyback through a concise letter/email to the Operations Manager outlining what is proposed. The document needs to include:

  • Purpose
  • Description of proposed work
  • How it will impact on voyage objectives
  • Any impact on berth allocation within the existing voyage
  • Any impact on time allocation within the existing voyage
  • Support of the piggyback project by the Chief Scientist

Pending approval by the MNF, a Piggyback project will be managed by the Chief Scientist and there will be no separate letter of offer from the MNF.

Further information

Matt Kimber

Science Operations Manager matt.kimber@csiro.au (03) 6232 5186