Kiesha Wear

Kiesha is studying Coastal and Marine Science at Curtin University.

Meet Kiesha

Kiesha is participating in the third voyage of the Indigenous Time at Sea Scholarship. She is an Indigenous woman with family ties to Western Australia. 

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ITSS student Kiesha Wear from Curtin University.

My name is Lakiesha Wear, but I prefer to go by Kiesha. I’m a Mulgana and Karriyarra woman from Shark Bay and Port Hedland respectively.  My passion comes from my value of curiosity, my love of my culture and my community.

I am a 22 year old Coastal and Marine Science student at Curtin University. I'm hoping to eventually get my Masters in Marine Ecology and a PhD degree in some kind of ethnozoology.

This voyage will be my first hands-on research based experience. I’m incredibly excited to be out at sea and to be learning about the projects we will be doing.

Kiesha's voyage

Kiesha joins fellow ITSS student Taleatha Pell and ITSS coordinator Dr Ben Arthur on the third ITSS voyage on RV Investigator. The voyage departs Brisbane on 14 July 2022 and will spend 16 days conducting research in the waters of the East Australian Current off Brisbane. The voyage finishes back in Brisbane on 29 July 2022.

Voyage page: IN2022_V06

The Indigenous Time at Sea Scholarship is supported by the Marine National Facility as part of the CSIRO Reconciliation Action Plan.