Hannah McCleary

Hannah is studying a combined Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Laws degree at the University of Tasmania and is a coordinator of the ITSS program.

Meet Hannah

Hannah is undertaking an Indigenous Cadetship with the CSIRO Marine National Facility and is helping to coordinate the Indigenous Time at Sea Scholarship (ITSS). She is a proud Aboriginal woman who has cultural and family ties to Tasmania.

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ITSS coordinator Hannah McCleary from CSIRO Marine National Facility and student at the University of Tasmania.

I have always enjoyed learning about different aspects of science, and it was my favourite subject throughout school. I have always wanted to learn more about the environment and the life on our planet, so there was no question that this is what I wanted to study at university. I also enjoy learning about law and legal concepts, and I am hoping that I will one day be in a position to help create positive change for the environment and the diversity of life that inhabits it, and to give a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves. I was introduced to the Indigenous Cadetship program by a friend and mentor of mine, Scott Philip, who I met through CSIRO’s ASSETS program when I was in year 10. 

I was excited when I found out I would be assisting in planning and delivering the Indigenous Time at Sea Scholarship. Our marine environment is a huge, valuable part of Australia and is an area of deep interest and wonder for me. ITSS is a great opportunity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander university students to participate in marine research and experience life on board RV Investigator.

I’m also really lucky to be able to join the first two students, Sophie and Tiahni, on the inaugural ITSS Investigator voyage from Darwin to Fremantle in December 2019!

The Indigenous Time at Sea Scholarship is supported by the Marine National Facility as part of the CSIRO Reconciliation Action Plan.

Hannah's voyage

IN2019_T03 - December 2019

Hannah joins ITSS students, Sophie Gilbey and Tiahni Adamson, to help coordinate the inaugural ITSS voyage on RV Investigator. The voyage departs Darwin on 23 December 2019 and will spend 10 days studying ocean and atmosphere along the west coast of Australia, arriving in Fremantle on 2 January 2020.

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View at sunset of ship mast with lights and various scientific instruments on it and two bright stars in the sky behind.