MNF Floating Classroom

Floating Classroom offers school teachers and students the opportunity to get on board RV Investigator when the ship is in port to use its labs and work spaces for teaching.

A Floating Classroom for STEM teaching

Australian teachers and students have a unique opportunity to get hands-on with STEM on board research vessel Investigator through the Floating Classroom Program.

Students visiting RV Investigator under the Floating Classroom program.

Through Floating Classroom, the Marine National Facility (MNF) provides opportunities for Australian educators to deliver education and training activities using RV Investigator’s laboratories and work spaces while the ship is in port. Students stepping on board are also given the opportunity for a guided tour of the ship to discover the amazing marine research that it enables. 

Floating Classroom is open to secondary, tertiary and TAFE students. The program is offered by the MNF to help increase understanding of how STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects are applied in the real world, seeking to inspire future generations of Australia’s marine scientists.

How do I apply?

RV Investigator is available for Floating Classroom bookings during port periods when operational requirements permit access. MNF staff will support access and provide a ship tour (subject to staff availability).

Applications can be made by any Australian educator, including academics, for groups of up to 30 students (minimum supervision requirements apply, depending on age level of group). Activities and experiments supported are subject to negotiation with the MNF.

Potential opportunities to access RV Investigator for Floating Classroom, including date and location of port periods, can be found by checking the ship voyage schedules.

Please note

Access to the ship is not be possible during voyage mobilisation and demobilisation activities or during vessel maintenance periods.

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Students from QUT take part in the inaugural Floating Classroom in Brisbane.

Further information

Dr Ben Arthur

Engagement Programs Coordinator +61 3 6232 5078