CSIRO Educator on Board

Educator on Board gives STEM teachers the opportunity to join scientists and get hands-on with research at sea on RV Investigator.

Taking teacher training to the high seas

Teachers can get hands on experience working alongside scientists at sea.

Australian STEM teachers have the unique opportunity to work at-sea alongside scientists on board RV Investigator through the CSIRO Educator on Board Program.

Educator on Board aims to support teacher professional development and provide students with a window on the real word application of STEM. The Program puts teachers on voyages to assist with scientific operations and share their on board experience with students across Australia through live ship-to-shore video broadcasts. Teachers will also develop curriculum resources based on the ship and underway science to create a pool of lessons to share in schools across Australia.

Educator on Board is supported by the MNF as part of a suite of education and training initiatives that seek to inspire STEM studies and develop future generations of Australia’s marine scientists

How do I apply?

Educator on Board is open to all primary and secondary school teachers who are registered in Australia and employed to work in an Australian school. The Program offers berths for a team of two teachers to join selected voyages in the research schedule. The nature and timing of these voyages will vary each year but will be approximately two weeks long and depart from various ports around the country.

Applications for Educator on Board are managed by CSIRO Education & Outreach, and will be invited throughout the year.

Information on current voyages open for applications and applicant requirements can be found on the CSIRO Education and Outreach section of the CSIRO website.

Completed voyages

Educator on Board has participated in the following voyages on RV Investigator:

Teacher developed resources

A range of marine education resources developed by our Educator on Board alumni are available for free download. These educational resources are based on the research experiences of our Educator on Board teachers during their voyage and provide a marine based context to support teaching and learning in schools.
Dive into our teacher resources
A STEM teacher wearing safety gear on deck.
The MNF offers STEM teachers a range of training opportunities.

Further information

Dr Ben Arthur

Engagement Programs Coordinator Ben.Arthur@csiro.au +61 3 6232 5078