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At the Marine National Facility, we’re supporting education and training initiatives to help inspire and develop the next generation of marine experts.
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It’s how we make sense of our world.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People have understood its power for thousands of years.

They see the patterns, the life force through their connection to land and sea.

If you are an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander student, it’s time to come on board. I’ve always had a passion for science and how it can be connected to Indigenous knowledge.

That’s something that really inspired me. I’m a second year university student studying science and law and I’ve got a cadetship with the CSIRO.

The CSIRO wants more students like Hannah McLeary to forge a career in science.

This scholarship will give students the opportunity to take part in voyages on board Australia’s only blue water research vessel, working alongside Australia’s top scientists. Voyages travel from the Southern ocean up to the equator performing oceanography, marine biology and geoscientific research.

Olivia and Abigail took part in a voyage to Antarctica studying whales and krill. They talked to Hannah about being on board.

The opportunity to do really nitty gritty science, it was fantastic.

I gained a whole set of new skills.

Being able to go out in the field and actually have hands on experience in collecting the samples that I’m going to analyse later was just excellent.

I also got to see some incredible thing like blue whales, icebergs.

The whole experience was just incredible. Indigenous university students studying science, technology, engineering or mathematics are eligible for this scholarship.

The CSIRO hope these scholarships will kickstart exciting new careers and provide graduates for the CSIRO into the future If you got the opportunity to participate on a voyage, you definitely should do it, because you just never know what you might learn, or what you might be part of, or what you might discover.

Be part of the new wave of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander science leaders. Apply now to join an Investigator Voyage.

Kick start your career with the Indigenous Time at Sea Scholarship

The Indigenous Time at Sea Scholarship brings students on board RV Investigator to work alongside scientists and technicians to assist with research and gain valuable at sea research experience. The program will support two students on selected voyages, who will work together, as well as with on board and on shore mentors.

Students will also be provided with ongoing support, mentoring and the potential for employment opportunities to continue their engagement with CSIRO.

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Educator on Board: Taking teacher training to the high seas

Educator on Board is open to all primary and secondary school teachers who are registered in Australia and employed to work in an Australian school.

Find out more about voyages open for applications, and how to apply.

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