Find out how we're working to tackle Australia's greatest challenges through the collaborative research enabled by our research vessel Investigator.

Research vessel Investigator has diverse capabilities, and supports biological, oceanographic, geological and atmospheric research, as well as marine education and training.

Through the Granted Voyage Program, the vessel is funded by the Australian Government for full year operations, delivering up to 300 research days each year.

Increasing marine and maritime safety

Bluelink is a global ocean forecasting system that provides information on oceanic conditions to help manage Australia's diverse area of maritime operations. Delivered in partnership by CSIRO, the Bureau of Meteorology and the Royal Australian Navy, we're helping to provide a critical capability to Australia’s naval tactical operations, including helping to locate and map historical shipwrecks and hazardous areas.
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A diagram showing ocean currents with a colour scale between Sydney and Hobart
Scientists standing on a ship.

Investing in future industries with CAPSTAN

To help Australia fulfil its blue economy potential and prosper as a nation, marine science requires a multidisciplinary workforce. That's why we're part of a network of leading Australian industry and university partners delivering CAPSTAN (Collaborative Australian Post-Graduate Sea Training Alliance Network).
Building marine science capability