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Phone: (03) 6232 5222

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Marine National Facility
CSIRO Marine Laboratories
GPO Box 1538

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Marine National Facility
CSIRO Marine Laboratories
Castray Esplanade

MNF team and CSIRO technical support staff

The MNF team oversees the operation of the vessel and works with vessel users. This involves managing the application process, voyage planning, voyage schedules, mobilisation and demobilisation. They work with MNF technical staff and specialist groups in CSIRO and outside the organisation to ensure voyages are safe and productive ventures.

CSIRO technical support staff manage and support marine research voyages with specialist skills in engineering and technology, including instrumentation, hydrochemistry and data management.

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ASP Ship Management, a ship management company, is contracted to manage RV Investigator. ASP provide the crew as well as operate and maintain the vessel to marine industry standards.

Interested in joining the crew? Head to ASP Ship Management Group's website

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