RV Investigator bridge and forecastle


There are two types of voyages – Research voyages and Transit voyages.

The Southern Ocean

Scientists apply for sea time and if they are successful will be provided a sea grant for a voyage. This means they are provided an agreed number of days at sea to do their research work with a time allowance for loading (mobilisation) and unloading (demobilisation) where required.

There may be up to ten Research voyages in a given year. Not all Research voyages connect, for example, one voyage may finish in Brisbane and the next voyage starts in Sydney. In these instances the vessel needs to sail between the two ports before it can commence the next Research voyage. This connecting voyage is called a Transit voyage.

To maximise the use of the vessel, Supplementary applications for sea time identify research teams that can do work on the Transit voyages. This application process also enables any remaining berths to be filled on Research voyages.

The goal of the Marine National Facility is to fully utilise the research vessel whenever it is at sea.

Where is Investigator now?

A near real time display of Investigator's position and underway data is available at Near Real-time Underway data (NURD).

Updated: 10 March 2016