RV Southern Surveyor at sea

Southern Surveyor 2003-13

RV Southern Surveyor was purchased from its Norwegian owners in 1989 by the CSIRO Division of Fisheries and it was converted to undertake work as fisheries research trawler.

Life ring safety equipment

Safety equipment

In 2003 the ship was transferred to the Marine National Facility (MNF) to replace the oceanographic research vessel Franklin. For this new role, Southern Surveyor underwent another transformation to become a multidisciplinary research vessel, more suited to the growing needs of the MNF user community.

Southern Surveyor enabled Australian researchers across the biological, oceanographic and geoscience disciplines, with some limited atmospheric research capabilities.

From deploying the tsunami early warning system and the Southern Ocean Flux Moorings, to mapping the seafloor to better understand the ecology and geology of Australia’s marine estate, to discovering the dynamics of Pacific tectonic plates, to better understanding the western rock lobster’s life cycle, plankton, food chains and ocean currents around Australia and our surrounding seas, Southern Surveyor has served Australia’s marine science community well.

Updated: 27 November 2014