RV Investigator support staff and crew

Working with the marine crew

Under Maritime Law, the Master has ultimate responsibility and is in charge of the vessel at all times. The marine crew operate the vessel under direction of the Master.

RV Investigator bow

RV Investigator bow

Crew members also support the science program and are responsible for operating the vessel’s equipment such as A-frames, winches, cranes and boats.

The Chief IR or Bosun is in charge of all back deck operations. The back deck is where most deployments of scientific equipment are carried out.

In an emergency the crew will indicate what needs to be done and they will direct scientific participants.

During science operations the Master and crew are also responsible for positioning the vessel,  keeping it on station and operating winches for deploying science equipment such as nets, CTDs, coring apparatus, sediment grabs and undersea cameras.

The marine crew are an integral part of the team and play a critical role in helping to achieve science outcomes.

Updated: 27 November 2014