Crew reading equipment being for deployment

Working with MNF support staff

MNF support staff provide technical support for the MNF scientific and computing equipment and to carry out roles such as mapping of the seafloor and hydrochemistry.

Crew working on deck.

Working on deck.

On a voyage there will usually be two electronics technicians, one computing technician, one multi-beam support technician (i.e. seafloor mapping) and a Voyage Manager. 

Hydrochemistry and other specialist technicians will be included as required.  MNF support staff will train project staff in the use of MNF equipment but are not there to provide ongoing operational support to science teams who need to plan to provide this support from within their own teams.

The Voyage Manager is the senior manager for MNF support staff.

Investigator has a wide range of equipment that continually monitors the environment. This forms part of the underway science which is carried out for all voyages.  MNF support staff manage this equipment and process the data that is generated either on the vessel or back in Hobart.

Like the marine crew, MNF support staff are there to assist but have their own roles in helping voyage participants achieve the objectives of the science program.

Updated: 27 November 2014