Crew assembling at the muster point, safety drill

Safety briefings and incidents

Safety is paramount as we want all voyage participants to have a safe, productive and enjoyable voyage.

Prior to departure voyage participants will be required to complete an online safety induction.  This will prepare you for the important issues you need to consider before boarding.  Port authorities may also require an online safety induction prior to entering their port.

Soon after you arrive there will be on board safety briefings which will include a tour around the vessel.

During the voyage there will be compulsory safety musters (drills), which are crucial training for a real emergency.


An incident is any event which has the potential to impact on people, the vessel and equipment, environment or to our research business.

All incidents need to be reported to the Chief Scientist, Voyage Manager or Master immediately.  An incident may be somebody hurting themselves or a near miss, where they could have been hurt if they did not take evasive action.

The purpose of reporting incidents is not to lay blame but to inform the Master there has been an issue so they can take action if required.  It can also provide an alert to a developing problem.

It has been clearly shown that there are often minor incidents, including near misses, preceding a major incident.  Incident management seeks to address issues while they are minor to reduce the risk of more serious incidents.

Incident management is a very important part of the safety management system on the vessel which seeks to keep everybody on board, the vessel and the environment protected at all times.

Updated: 27 November 2014