Credit: Pete Harmsen

What to expect

Not everyone is familiar with going to sea on a research voyage so the following pages are to introduce you to this unique experience.

Being selected Researcher at work

The Marine National Facility normally conducts an annual national call for applications for research on Investigator. From this call the highest ranked applications are chosen after a rigorous and independent assessment process. This process is overseen by the MNF Steering Committee.

Preparing for a voyage Researcher at work

You have been informed you are going on a research voyage on Investigator. So what happens next?

Departure Working at sea

The Chief Scientist will oversee the planning for all teams on the voyage including the departure arrangements.

Life on board Working at sea

Life on board a research vessel is exciting, busy and challenging. Unlike a land based work environment, voyage participants cannot go home after work; the vessel is their workplace and home for the period they are away.

The science Researcher at work

On a research voyage two types of science are carried out – underway science and project science.

Safety briefings and incidents Crew assembling at the muster point, safety drill

Safety is paramount as we want all voyage participants to have a safe, productive and enjoyable voyage.

Toolbox meetings A meeting onboard Investigator

Before all major scientific operations, a toolbox meeting is held to review how the operation needs to be done, consider safety implications, allocate roles and ensure everyone has a clear understanding of the task.

People dynamics Working at sea

Life on board a research vessel is exciting, busy and challenging as it involves a small community working at sea on a moving platform.

Working with MNF support staff Personnel among MNF equipment.

MNF support staff provide technical support for the MNF scientific and computing equipment and to carry out roles such as mapping of the seafloor and hydrochemistry.

Working with the marine crew RV Investigator support staff and crew

Under Maritime Law, the Master has ultimate responsibility and is in charge of the vessel at all times. The marine crew operate the vessel under direction of the Master.

Updated: 04 March 2016