The vessel has a range of on board laboratories and preparation rooms. All laboratories have 240V 50Hz power outlets (UPS and non UPS, 10A and 15A) and ethernet (Wi-Fi and wired).


Aerosol laboratory Aerosol lab

The aerosol laboratory is located on the foredeck at the base of the foremast, with a direct atmospheric air feed.

Air chemistry laboratory Air chem lab

The air chemistry laboratory is located at the forward end of the superstructure on the foredeck, taking atmospheric air via the aerosol sampling mast after passing through the aerosol laboratory. The laboratory will be used primarily for underway atmospheric chemistry sampling.

Constant temperature laboratory Constant temperature laboratory

When not in use as a constant temperature laboratory, this laboratory can also be used as a sample storage area which is particularly suited to sediment core samples as the entrance has an air lock.

Container laboratories Aft deck container labs

The MNF has specialised container laboratories available for use on voyages.

General purpose dry laboratory - clean Investigator's dry laboratory

The general purpose dry laboratory is a user configurable laboratory space.

General purpose wet laboratory - clean Investigator's clean wet lab

The general purpose wet laboratory (clean) is a multi-purpose laboratory where samples can be processed under clean conditions, data recorded and analysed.

General purpose wet laboratory - dirty Investigator's dirty wet laboratory

The general purpose wet laboratory (dirty) is a multi-purpose laboratory where samples (i.e. fish and plankton catches; sediment and geological samples) can be received from the working decks then sorted, sub-sampled and processed.

Hydrochemistry laboratory Hydrochemist working on board the MNF.

The hydrochemistry laboratory is designed and fitted to facilitate seawater analysis. When not in use for hydrochemistry, this area can be requested for use as a general purpose clean laboratory.

Preservation laboratory Investigator's preservation laboratory

The preservation laboratory is suitable for photography, preservation and the storage of samples.

Sheltered science area Aft deck

The sheltered science area extends over two decks with access to the aft main deck and starboard deck work areas.

Underway seawater laboratory Investigator's underway seawater laboratory

The underway seawater laboratory is designed to accommodate permanently fitted instruments to measure seawater properties while the vessel is underway.

Updated: 07 January 2015