RV Investigator bow and bridge


The following provides an overview of research capability provided by the MNF that is not discipline specific. While some equipment is permanently located on the vessel, other equipment can be added as required. Some equipment may need specialist external support and charges may apply.

Undersea canyons on the western flank of Batavia Knoll

Undersea canyons on the western flank of Batavia Knoll

The following equipment is usually available:


  • 12 kHz transducers (pingers) with cable clamps and keel based receiver
  • Skipper DL850 Dual Axis Doppler
  • Kongsberg EM122 full ocean depth multibeam swath mapping system
  • Kongsberg SBP120 Sub-bottom profiler
  • Multi frequency hydrophones (4 units) 
  • Simrad E710 shallow water multibeam swath mapping system
  • Simrad EK60 multi frequency scientific split-beam echo sounder
  • Simrad ME70 shallow water multibeam scientific and fisheries echo sounder system
  • Sound velocity probe
  • Sonardyne Ranger Pro ultra short baseline (USBL) acoustic positioning system 
  • Triaxus


  • Scientific and business computing and communications systems


  • Portable capstan for side deployments – 1 tonne capacity
  • XBT launch and data acquisition system


  • 360° (rotatable) keel camera


  • Milli-Q ultra pure fresh water systems
  • Thermosalinograph with auxiliary sensors – SBE38 intake temperature, Aanderaa Optode oxygen sensor and EM intake flow meter
  • Underway water analysis instruments pCO2, O2, chlorophyll and bio-optical sensors

Updated: 07 January 2015