A coral sample.


Biological research is significantly enhanced on Investigator with state of the art sampling equipment. The vessel is fitted with a range of split-beam and multi-beam echo sounders with multi-frequency hydrophones for use in shallow to deep waters. All echo sounding systems are fully integrated to operate simultaneously.

Juvenile lobster before it gets it's colour.

Juvenile lobster

This equipment will increase the ability to study and understand benthic habitats, as well as the distribution and abundance of a range of marine organisms. This is complemented by the inclusion of various grabs and sleds for sampling benthic habitats.

The vessel is also equipped with a suite of winches to support the sampling of plankton and small fish, and specialist winches fitted with electro-optical cables allowing cameras and video systems to be operated with a range of other equipment.  The inclusion of optical samplers facilitates studies relating to the distribution of plankton and marine snow.  The vessel also provides incubation facilities for keeping plants and animals alive and has pelagic, demersal and benthic trawling capability to 5,000m depth.

Biological equipment typically available on Investigator includes, but may not be limited to:

  • Bongo nets
  • Deck incubators

  • Deep towed camera system

  • Dissecting microscopes and peripherals

  • Electronic fish monitoring boards

  • EZ Net – Multiple Opening and Closing Net and Environmental Sensors (MOCNESS)

  • Heavy duty electronic balance

  • Laboratory incubator

  • Light duty electronic balance

  • RadVan – radiation laboratory in a container

  • Sherman epibenthic biological sled

  • Simrad EK60 multi-frequency split-beam sonar

  • Simrad SH90 fish finding sonar

  • Trawl mensuration and monitoring system

The vessel also caters for a range of other biological research equipment.  Some of this equipment may require specialised or additional support not typically provided on the Investigator which may attract an additional charge. 

Updated: 07 January 2015