Laundry store on board the Investigator


The vessel is designed to support an on-board community for extended periods of time at sea. As such the vessel needs to be self-contained, non-polluting and to be able to operate comfortably in difficult conditions.

Hospitable onboard Investigator


Discharge of garbage into the sea is prohibited. Garbage is segregated into different types and most garbage is burnt in a high temperature incinerator on the vessel. Ashes and any garbage not burnt are brought back to port for disposal.

While specified types of food waste can be discharged in designated areas away from land this will not occur during scientific operations.


There are industrial and domestic washers and dryers. The industrial washers and dryers are used by the crew to wash overalls, bedding and towels.

The domestic washers and dryers are used by voyage participants to wash their personal clothing.


The vessel has a standard hospital and on some voyages this may be supplemented by a hospital surgical container and additional medical support.


The vessel’s generators provide power for propulsion, navigation, scientific operations and all domestic requirements. In the advent of a breakdown an emergency generator can provide power for essential services.


The vessel has its own sewage treatment plant.


The vessel is fitted with fresh (potable) water tanks that are supplemented by on board desalination units that can produce up to 30 tonnes of water a day. This water is used to satisfy a wide range of shipboard needs including domestic and scientific operations.

For domestic use there is hot and cold water and filtered water for drinking.

All voyage participants need to exercise moderation in water use as there is a limited supply.

Updated: 27 November 2014