Ops room

Operations Room

The Operations Room is the control centre for scientific operations.

Researcher at work

Whereas the deck crew deploy and retrieve equipment and know what is happening on the surface, Operations Room staff monitor and control equipment below the sea surface.

All science operations requiring monitoring, remote activation or remote control in the case of Remote Operating Vehicles (ROVs) are performed through the Operations Room.

For equipment being lowered into the water, marine crew operate the winches under direction from the Operations Room once it is submerged.

Some operations such as swath mapping can be carried out continuously.  Specialised sonar equipment collects information on the seabed and into the substrate as the ship moves over new territory.  Swath mapping technicians monitor data being received and often process previously collected data at the same time.

With space restricted in the Operations Room, key personnel have priority access to the room during operations, however all voyage participants can monitor progress from any computer connected to the network on the ship.

Additional monitoring of data outputs from scientific equipment, and in some cases processing, is also carried out by MNF support staff in the IT office.

Updated: 27 November 2014