Officers cabin on board the Investigator


Scientists and MNF support staff sleep in single or twin cabins with en-suite washroom facilities incorporating toilet, shower, hand basin and toiletries cabinet. The cabins also have a desk, a lounge chair and storage space for clothes and personal items.

Single science cabin

A single cabin on board the Investigator

The cabins have 240V 50Hz AC power sockets, two Ethernet network sockets (RJ45), AM/FM antenna socket (RG6) and a satellite TV socket (RG6). The AM/FM antenna and satellite TV antenna are set up to receive Australian content offshore to approximately 200 nautical miles, although access to AM and shortwave radio may extend further.

At sea, Investigator operates 24 hours a day with crew and support staff typically working 12 hour watches.  Twin cabins are usually allocated based on alternating watches so there is only one person in the cabin on each watch.

The marine crew, who live on board the vessel for longer periods of time, have single cabins.

The Chief Scientist and Voyage Manager also have single cabins.

There are approximately 35 berths for scientific staff, 5 berths for the MNF support staff and 20 berths for the marine crew including a doctor on remote voyages.  The actual breakdown of berths though will vary depending on the activities to be carried out on a particular voyage.

Updated: 27 November 2014