Investigator is well equipped to support the needs of scientists while they are at sea. The following pages are designed to introduce voyage participants to key facilities available on the vessel.


Back deck The Investigator at sea with an aerial view of the rear deck

Although the ship has extensive automated monitoring equipment, much research requires equipment to be deployed and retrieved manually. The back deck is the main area for these activities, there is also a CTD deployment door on the starboard side of the vessel and booms at the front of the vessel for deploying specialised equipment.

Bridge The bridge of the Investigator.

The bridge is the control centre of the ship. The Master navigates the ship from the bridge and maintains a watching brief across all deck operations. Visitors must therefore be sensitive to the operations taking place when considering a bridge visit.

Cabins single bed science cabin.

Scientists and MNF support staff sleep in single or twin cabins with en-suite washroom facilities incorporating toilet, shower, hand basin and toiletries cabinet. The cabins also have a desk, a lounge chair and storage space for clothes and personal items.

Mess The mess on board the Investigator

The mess room is a very important part of the ship as meal times provide a big morale boost on a busy voyage. Aside from eating, meal times provide time for people to sit down and chat. It is a great place to meet other voyage participants, MNF support staff and the crew.

Operations Room The Investigators operations room

The Operations Room is the control centre for scientific operations.

Recreation areas lounge inside the investigator

Recreation after a hard period of work on Investigator may take many forms including working out in the gym, watching a video in the lounge, reading a book in your cabin or just chatting to people in the mess.

Science work area Ops room

The Data Processing Laboratory is a workroom for science personnel.

Utilities Laundry store on board the Investigator

The vessel is designed to support an on-board community for extended periods of time at sea. As such the vessel needs to be self-contained, non-polluting and to be able to operate comfortably in difficult conditions.

Updated: 27 November 2014