RV Investigator bow, bridge and radomes

Weather radar

The weather research radar is the impressive large soccer ball shaped object on top of the ship.

A radome atop of RV Investigator

A radome atop of RV Investigator

The dual-polarisation Doppler weather research radar is part of a new generation of weather technology. Compared to old technologies it is bit like comparing colour television to the old black and white televisions – a big step forward in capability.

Data will be gathered from clouds towering 20 kilometres over the tropical ocean, to cold ice storms in the Antarctic, for a 150 kilometre radius around the ship.

The greater detail provided by the state-of-the-art device will allow meteorologists to gather more information about the atmosphere than ever before including clearly seeing the difference between rain, ice and snow. All of this while simultaneously measuring the wind speed in the clouds.

It will help answer some of the big questions about weather, climate and the atmosphere in remote areas of the world’s oceans.


Updated: 27 November 2014