Dirty Wet Lab

Underway water sampling

Investigator monitors seawater properties while underway.

A sample being removed from some scientiric equipment

Sample being removed from equipment

The vessel has three seawater system supplies to laboratories; trace metal clean, general scientific seawater and underway seawater.

These systems pump seawater from the port-side drop keel and the water is used to support a variety of experiments and analyses.

Trace metal seawater system

The piping and pumps are made of a combination of titanium and plastic, designed specifically for trace metal analyses. Seawater is pumped at 60 l/min to the underway seawater laboratory, general purpose dry laboratory, general purpose wet laboratory and the main deck container space.

The connections to the container space enables clean seawater to be supplied to trace-metal clean containers that can be loaded onto the ship.

The outlets are user configurable.

General scientific seawater system

Water is pumped at 100 l/min to the general purpose wet laboratory, general purpose wet laboratory, general purpose dry laboratory and the container facility spaces on the foredeck, main deck and platform deck. This system is designed to support a wide range of experiments.

The outlets are user configurable.

Underway seawater system

The underway seawater system provides 100 l/min to the underway seawater laboratory and the CTD laboratory.

The underway seawater laboratory contains automated instrumentation that measures dissolved oxygen, salinity, partial pressure of carbon dioxide and fluorescence. Other instruments can be added.

This is not user configurable as it is designed for fixed automated instruments to ensure a constant flow rate.

Updated: 27 November 2014