CTD bottles being decanted.

Trace metal equipment

Trace metals such as iron and zinc are dissolved in seawater at very low concentrations. Some are important in sustaining life, some are toxic, some are indicators of pollution and others are important indicators of chemical reactions that occur in the sea.

Trace metal clean lab

Trace metal clean lab

Collecting seawater for trace metal analysis is difficult as samples can be easily contaminated.

Investigator has equipment designed for trace metal sample collection to minimise the risk of contamination.

This equipment consists of:

  • 12 bottle trace-metal-clean CTD package with titanium frame and instruments for collecting seawater from the deep ocean.
  • A clean container laboratory for decanting the water samples from the CTD collection bottles and with a range of analytical equipment for processing the samples, and to carry out any routine maintenance without contaminating the sampling system.
  • An underway seawater sampling system for collecting water for analysis on board, which is collected through the port drop keel via a titanium entry pipe and then special plastic tubing to the point of use.

Updated: 27 November 2014