A technician works with the Gravity meter

Gravity meter

Investigator will have a gravity meter on board, to measure small changes in the gravity field due to effects from the underlying rocks and sediments.

Gravity meters are used for petroleum and mineral prospecting, seismology, geophysical research.

The gravity meter on board Investigator is designed within a special frame with fibre-optic gyroscopes, to compensate for the motion of the vessel (roll, pitch and heave) and increase data accuracy. A portable land-based gravity meter will be used for base station measurements and calibration of the marine gravity meter.

Technical details

Microg LaCoste Air-Sea Gravity System II

  • Resolution 0.01 mGal
  • Accuracy at sea < 1.00 mGal reported
  • Sampling rate: 1000 Hz
  • Platform Range: 25° of roll and 22° of pitch
  • Drift: < 3.0 mGal per month after aging
  • Operating Range: 12,000 mGals (Worldwide)
  • GPS corrected

Scintrex CG-5

  • Sensor type: Fused quartz
  • Resolution 1 µGal
  • Drift: < 0.02 mGal per day
  • Operating Range: 8,000 mGal

Updated: 27 November 2014