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Finding data products

Data products are available for Marine National Facility voyages since 1985.

McDonald Island-Pete Harmsen

McDonald Island-Pete Harmsen

Data Descriptions


The standard MNF data is described in the Oceans & Atmosphere (O&A) metadata application Marlin. The new Marlin software released in 2015 is based on the open source GeoNetwork product. The system is an internationally-compliant metadata format based on ISO 19115 (and the Australian Marine Community Profile of the same).

Metadata records in Marlin are harvested by other portals enabling multiple points of discovery from one record. The metadata records describe the dataset and also identify data archive location and provide data access links.

As of March 2016, Marlin holds 1457 records for MNF vessel data, Franklin (640), Southern Surveyor (673), and Investigator (147). These include underway MNF datasets and voyage-specific data.

Data discovery tools

MNF Underway Data

A near real-time display of Investigator's position and underway data is at Near Real-time Underway Data (NRUD). This is a visualisation tool for the current raw Investigator data. Quality controlled archived data from past MNF voyages are available via Data Trawler and Marlin.

A Southern Surveyor data archive of underway data is also published via MNF Southern Surveyor Underway Data Archive.

Data Trawler

The Data Trawler is discovery and extraction tool for O&A and MNF data including data collected on Franklin, Southern Surveyor and Investigator voyages.  Data can be extracted using spatial, temporal or data type queries.

MNF Data types available from this tool currently include Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP), Conductivity Temperature Depth (CTD), Hydrology, Underway and Expendable Bathythermograph (XBT).  All data holdings available from the Data Trawler also provide data quality flags for each data set.

The Data Trawler also provides information on the surveys, projects and metadata listings.

    Geophysical Survey and Mapping (GSM)

    The O&A GSM unit manages the multibeam data collected on MNF voyages

    The group has a GSM web page with access to the multibeam data repository, a gallery of maps and information about the GSM team.

    GeoServer and the AODN

    The Australian Oceanographic Data Network portal (AODN) consumes web services from the O&A GeoServer instance and presents MNF datasets on the Map Layers tab of the Map tool. Layers of interest are selected from the Observation Data > Marine National Facility (MNF) link on the menu tree.

    The AODN also publishes data collected by other Commonwealth Agencies and others in the Australian marine community.

    Updated: 14 April 2016