RV Investigator

Research Outcomes

The Marine National Facility enables two types of science – underway science and project science.

RV Investigator

Underway science

Underway science involves the collection of data from automated and manned instrumentation that operates wherever the vessel is at sea and is managed on board by MNF support staff. This information is processed on the vessel and back on land and then stored in the CMAR Data Centre. The information is then made discoverable through portals such as the Australian Ocean Network portal and to service providers directly such as Geoscience Australia and the Bureau of Meteorology.

Investigator has an expanded underway science capability compared to our previous vessel Southern Surveyor.

The vessel has a weather research radar continually collecting information, there is expanded capability with undersea mapping and an atmospheric monitoring system has been installed with future potential for expansion.

Investigator is a state of the art scientific monitoring platform. Information generated is made publicly available quickly to enable research groups, service agencies and industry to benefit from the finding.

The data from underway science is used by a wide range of people including research groups that may never go to sea.

Updated: 18 March 2016