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MNF Granted Voyages (GV)

The annual applications round involves two stages which are designed to firstly build the Primary voyage schedule, then fill any unused capacity in that schedule.



Initially there is a call for Pre-proposals and Applications for MNF Granted Voyages.  This is known as the Primary call and is used to build the Primary research voyage schedule.
Those considering an application must submit a compulsory Pre-proposal which is a brief outline of the intended science and associated logistic requirements.  A summary of Pre-proposals is then circulated to all proponents to indicate any opportunities for scientific collaboration between applicants for the purpose of combining to build an application which will score more highly against the MNF assessment criteria being scientific excellence, national benefit and track record.

Within a few months of the Primary Call, full applications for MNF Granted Voyages are due.  After being externally refereed and ranked by the independent Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) and National Benefit Assessment Panel (NBAP) against the MNF assessment criteria, a Primary schedule of voyages is approved by the MNF Steering Committee (MNFSC) and successful applicants are then offered MNF Granted Voyage(s).  This completes the first stage of the annual applications cycle.

Supplementary call is generally made during March/April in the calendar year following the Primary call.  This process aims to fill any unused capacity on the vessel.  Unused capacity may be available on Primary voyages or on any Transit voyages required to geographically link voyages in the Primary voyage schedule.

Supplementary applications are assessed for logistical integration with the Primary voyage (if applicable) and the MNF assessment criteria with the addition of training and educational criteria. Once assessed, successful Supplementary applicants are offered an MNF Granted Voyage(s).  A final voyage schedule is then released approximately one year after the initial call for applications and approximately one year prior to the start of the voyage scheduling year.  This completes the second and final stage of the annual applications cycle.

Successful Primary and Supplementary applicants will be required to execute an MNF Granted Voyage agreement with the Marine National Facility.

Once the final voyage schedule has been released, there may be remaining opportunities to participate on a voyage under a Piggyback arrangement. Piggybacks are at the discretion of both the Chief Scientist and the MNF and by nature will not require dedicated ship time or resources.

Considering an application?

For information about the current Primary and Supplementary calls, please contact:

Carol Rawnsley
Marine National Facility
Email: carol.rawnsley@csiro.au

Applications process timetable

Key dates in the applications process currently underway can be found in the Applications timetable.

Updated: 13 March 2019