<i>Investigator</i> at sea from the air

Organisational structure

The Marine National Facility is owned and operated by CSIRO on behalf of the nation. MNF management and support staff are CSIRO employees and have extensive expertise and experience in marine research activities. This expertise is complemented by the resources and experience of a ship management company which are contracted as managers of the vessel, to provide the crew and to operate and maintain the vessel to marine industry standards.

RV Investigator support staff and crew

RV Investigator support staff and crew

Ship Management Group

The CSIRO Ship Management Group oversees the operation of the vessel and works with vessel users. This involves managing the application process, voyage planning, voyage schedules, mobilisation and demobilisation, relationships with MNF support staff, and working with specialist groups in CSIRO and outside the organisation to ensure voyages are safe and productive ventures.

MNF Support Staff

This team provides specialist skills in engineering and technology, including instrumentation, hydrochemistry and data management.

For each voyage a specialist team is selected to support the scientists who come aboard to carry out marine research. They oversee the scientific equipment that comes with the vessel and carry out a valuable role in collecting and processing data from the vast array of scientific equipment that continually monitors the environment above and below the vessel. For example, where water samples need to be processed quickly on the vessel, they provide technical support for the visiting scientists in specially equipped laboratories.

Other support

CSIRO provides a wide range of other support services as required including logistics, finance, contract management, legal services, communications and, health, safety and environment.


Updated: 27 November 2014