An ocean wave.




  • Interim National Facility Steering Committee established


  • ORV Franklin commissioned as specialist National Facility
  • Interim Steering Committee appointed first National Facility Steering Committee by Minister of Science
  • Operational and technical support established and staff employed as National Facility staff


  •  Establishment of the MNF Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC)


  • RV Southern Surveyor officially replaces ORV Franklin as National Facility
  • Refit of Southern Surveyor commences


  • Southern Surveyor undertakes first voyages as National Facility


  • The Australian Government launches a project to build a new research vessel to replace Southern Surveyor and announces a national naming competition in August
  • 'Float-a-name' national competition closes (December)


  • Winners of 'Float-a-name' competition announced in January and the new vessel was called RV Investigator


  • Signing of a contract between Teekay Holdings Australia Pty Ltd, as prime contractor, and the Australian Government on the 17 January to build Investigator


  • Strike Steel Ceremony was held 31 January to mark the start of fabrication work
  • New Blog started in April to allow people to follow the construction of Investigator


  • Contract signed with new ship managers, ASP Ship Management on 17 May
  • Naming ceremony held in Singapore on 6 September
  • Southern Surveyor completes its final voyage on 17 October
  • Investigator commences builder sea trials on 15 December


  • Southern Surveyor sold and handover to Excel International occurs on 11 February
  • Investigator officially handed over to Australia's Marine National Facility in Singapore on 4 August
  • Investigator sets sail for Hobart on 24 August
  • Investigator arrived into its home port of Hobart on 9 September

Updated: 09 December 2014