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National Benefit Assessment Panel

The National Benefit Assessment Panel (NBAP) was established in 2016 to advise the MNF Steering Committee on matters relating to the assessment of Criterion 2 for MNF Granted Voyages.


Established as an advisory committee under the Marine National Facility Steering Committee (MNFSC), the overarching purpose of the National Benefit Assessment Panel (NBAP) is to provide advice to the MNFSC on the assessment of Criterion 2 for MNF Granted Voyage applications.

It should be noted that the NBAP's role does not include the evaluation of User Funded Voyage applications; this process is managed through the Supplementary Scheduling Committee (SSC) who report to the MNF directly for this purpose.

The Terms of Reference for the NBAP is outlined in the link below:

Updated: 10 April 2018